Reward Program

Our main precious value is our customers, we are still here is because of your support; in order to maintain the relationship and reward our customers. we do have a loyalty program to reward our returned customers:


Every $1 you spend is equal to 1 point


  • $10 off coupon = 500 points required
  • $20 off coupon = 1000 points required
  • $50 off coupon = 2500 points required


For Pre Order item, as we only charge Pre Order deposit, reward will be added based on the deposit amount; and remaining payment reward points will be added one month after the item is being dispatched.


To collect your points, you must register an account on our site. And to redeem your points, please click the black box which is located on the right bottom corner:



Then you will see the current collected points you have earned, lets say if you have 2000 points, this is what you will see:



Then further click 'Earn more Points', and you will see what are the coupons you can see. Please be careful once you have clicked 'redeem', the system will generate the coupon code immediately; at the same time, you will receive a email with the coupon code. Once you have redeemed it, the points has been debited and we will not able to add you back the points; however you can keep the coupon code for your next purchased.



At last, paste the coupons code in your chart and you will enjoy the discount. Thanks!


**We will not accept any dispute regarding to the reward points because all reward points are generate from the system automatically; therefore we will not able to add or debit your reward points manually**