Win.C Studio WC001B 1/6 Freddie white shirt costume set (Pre order deposit)


Expected release date is Q4/2020-Q1/2021

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This item is in Pre Order status, and release by Q4/2020-Q1/2021
Full price: $120
Non refundable deposit: $20
Remaining payment: $100

**body is not included**
**suggest to use Tbleague M31 body**

Part list:
-head sculpt x1
-White tank top
-white jeans
-arm band
-black rock star belt
-a pair of low dunk sneakers
-mic stand with microphone
-hand pose x4pcs

  • Non Refundable Deposit is due within 48 hours of placing the order
  • Please understand that the NRD will not be refunded for any reason unless Win.C studio cancels this project
  • Expected Arrival Date is only an estimate
  • We have no control of when the manufacturer will get us the item.
  • NRD is applied even if full amount is paid up front
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